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A private exhibition n34 ° 27'19 "e132 ° 07'06" was held on February 21 and March 12, 2019

at Gallery Oso Blanco, Osaka.



Decompose and Synthesize

Decompose and Synthesize the Osaka former hospital. February 8, 2018
分解と合成・大阪 旧病院の分解と合成2018年2月8日


ART OSAKA 2017 will be held on the weekend of July 8th and 9th (preview on July 7th) on the 26th floor, Hotel Granvia Osaka. The venue is directly accessible from JR Osaka station.

ART OSAKA is one of the biggest art fairs in Japan, focusing on contemporary art. As a reputable, established art fair, it is celebrating its 15th anniversary. This year, 54 art galleries will participate from both Japan and abroad (21 from the Kansai region, 27 from the non-Kansai regions, 3 from Taiwan, 2 from Korea and 1 from Macau). Special features of this year’s fair will be the many established galleries’ participations from the non-Kansai regions. They will introduce artists and artworks, which are rarely exhibited in the Kansai region. 9 galleries will participate in ART OSAKA for the first time. 64 hotel rooms will be turned into exhibition booths.

There will be more than 150 artworks exhibited, ranging from affordable pieces by young artists, to master pieces by internationally renowned artists. With eclectic works of paintings, prints, photographs, sculptures and installations using entire booths, ART OSAKA 2017 will certainly be a place for visitors to experience high quality contemporary art.

ART OSAKA uses hotel rooms as its venues, by doing so, artworks are presented with the feeling of being at home. Visitors can view quality artworks presented by gallerists with their unique aesthetics, and have the chance to purchase them on the spot. ART OSAKA hopefully provides both art lovers and anyone interested in living with art opportunities to establish new ways to connect and enjoy art by purchasing artworks they like.

Please feel invited to visit the annual art festival, ART OSAKA 2017.

2016 Young Artists's Gangwon Environmental Installation Art Exhibition